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Excel Portfolio

Oil Tank Level Dashboard

Developed Oil Tank Level Dashboard to a renowned Emirate Company.

Inventory Recording Form

Customized Friendly User Entry form for easily entering data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Sales Performance Dashboard

Developed Sales Performance Dashboard for an American Laundry Company named Happy Laundry.


Developed Dashboard for American Writer and Numerology Expert.

Dynamic Pivot Table

An Interactive Table controlling with VBA to see information at desired level of fields.

Calendar Style Tracker 

Track the Key numbers on Monthly Calendar

Inventory Management System

Developed Inventory Management System for renowned Canadian Company.

Amortization Table

Automated Complete Amortization table purchased by several investor across the world.

Retirement Plan Calculator

Plan your retirement saving wisely to have excellent standard of living using Excel Retirement Plan Calculator.

Sensitivity Analysis for Retirement Plan

Done the Sensitivity Analysis in Excel and visualized how your retirement plan will perform at different points.

Investment Recommending Calculator

A calculator where u input your profile and it will return the best investment option for you.

Trading Currencies Performance

Dashboard for Trading Currencies Performance and Profit & Loss

Blackjack Algorithm

Specially designed for a client for his Blackjack Game Strategy.

Custom Formula

Developed thousands of complex custom formulas for client serving their unique need.

Health and Medical Calculator

Based on Patient profile, the calculator recommend the dose required by the body to avoid excess dosage.

Meet Owais Memon

More than a decade experience in Excel and VBA, Owais is serving 1000+ client across the globe with complete client satisfaction and post project supports.


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